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Empire Cooler Ice Service in Chicago

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Founded in 1932, Empire Cooler, Inc. is Chicago's oldest & largest ice business machine leasing and ice making company.

We lease, sell, and service commercial ice making & refrigeration equipment to a list of clients longer than Michigan Avenue.

Our customers are in Chicago and all over Illinois. Glenview, Schaumburg, Naperville, Orland Park and every suburb of Chicago in between. We also have clients all over the country! Customers who originate in Chicago and open restaurants in other parts of the country, take us with them. New and repeat business comes from satisfied customers.

Empire Cooler Emergency Ice Delivery truck

Empire is the exclusive distributor for Hoshizaki America. Hoshizaki Ice Machines make crystal-clear, crescent-shaped ice cubes that are long-lasting, beautiful and displace better, leading to higher profits.

If a leased ice machine breaks down, Empire's large, well-trained service department will repair it at no charge and deliver bagged ice to you within a few hours. Empire's ice plant can produce a glacial 70,000 pounds of ice per day!

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