Repair and
maintenance from
the ice experts.

Whatever brand of ice-making and refrigeration equipment
you have, Empire Cooler can repair and maintain it.

From the simplest fix to the most technically demanding ice machine repair,
our experts have your back so you will always have the ice you need.

Any major brand.
Any model. Any time.

Empire Cooler provides our partners with the most versatile and reliable ice experts in the industry. We work hard to ensure that our technicians are well trained across all commercial ice machine brands and models. If you have an ice machine, we’re ready to service it and keep your business up and running.

Maintenance and support
work better together.

No one likes surprises when it comes to their commercial ice equipment. Our Preventative Maintenance Program ensures your machines run at peak efficiency. If something unexpected occurs, you can depend on us to quickly resolve the problem with replacement parts.

No repair job too big.
No maintenance job too small.

No matter how simple or complex the service you need, you can trust the ice experts at Empire Cooler to care for your ice-making and refrigeration equipment. It’s what we do.

Schedule an appointment today.

Preventative Maintenance Program

Own your ice machine? From routine cleaning to major repairs and smaller fixes, Empire Cooler is your go-to partner for quick problem-solving and dependable long-term maintenance and care. Signing up with Empire Cooler’s Preventative Maintenance Program ensures your equipment is operating efficiently and effectively. We regularly clean your ice machines, provide repairs and check for scale when needed.

  • Scheduled routine cleaning and maintenance
  • Responsive support for sudden repair needs
  • Discounted ice machine parts

Ice Machine Repair &
Maintenance Service

Our skilled technicians are ready to help. Empire Cooler is always available whenever our customers need commercial ice machine repairs or routine maintenance with their ice-making and refrigeration equipment. If you are not a leasing partner or don’t have our maintenance program—no problem. Our customer service team is ready to provide solutions and schedule the service you need.

  • Live support just a call or click away
  • Easy-to-schedule appointments
  • Best-in-class equipment technicians

“When I call to say I need ice,
Empire Cooler asks, How soon?
Their service people are always
great. We’ll be right there,
is the answer I get.”

Need service? Give us a call and we’ll take care of it.

What to expect from our service team

A quick response.

When you submit a service request, an Empire Cooler service representative will follow up quickly to schedule an appointment. We’ll confirm your appointment before the date, so you can be prepared for our technicians to get to work as soon as they arrive.

A time-frame for service.

We respect your time. To help you manage your schedule, an Empire Cooler representative will provide you with a service window.

Careful inspections.
Detailed diagnosis.

There’s only one way we approach every job—thoroughly. During their visit, our expert technicians carefully inspect your ice machines, diagnose the problem and either fix it on the spot or let you know if ice machine replacement parts and additional appointments will be necessary.


The importance of ongoing maintenance.

“Before and afters” always tell a story, as shown in one of our ice machines at a handmade pasta shop in Chicago. The dust you see is flour, which floats in the air and gets sucked into the machine. This accumulation makes the machine less efficient, which could lead to lower or no ice production. A clean ice machine is also a more hygienic machine, which is why it’s so important your machines are cleaned regularly.

The power of combining leasing and maintenance.

Choosing an all-in-one ice equipment leasing and maintenance plan with Empire Cooler has definite advantages. You’ll save time and money and add value to your business by ensuring that you always have the ice you need to operate—no matter what it takes.