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At Empire Cooler Service, we’re committed to delivering more than just products. Our aim is to provide an exceptional customer experience marked by professionalism and expertise. When you choose us, you gain a trusted partner well-equipped to navigate the complex world of commercial refrigeration with you. Whether you’re looking to lease or buy, our team is ready to help you identify the perfect ice machine solutions for your business. Put your refrigeration worries to rest and focus on what truly matters – running a successful enterprise.

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Don’t Just Go for a ‘Decent’ Ice Machine. Let Us Customize One For You.

Full-Service Leasing Solutions

Opting to lease with Empire Cooler goes beyond just equipment rental. It’s a step toward hassle-free operations, where regular upkeep, efficient service, and cost-effectiveness govern your ice needs. It’s not just a lease; it’s a partnership for success. Our leases include cleanings, maintenance, delivery, installation, and emergency services.

Budget Friendly Purchasing Solutions

If ownership is more aligned with your business goals, then our commercial ice machine purchasing solutions are for you. When you buy from Empire Cooler Service, you’re not just purchasing equipment; you’re investing in quality, efficiency, and long-term reliability.

Service & Maintenance Programs

Employing preventative maintenance on your ice machine is paramount to extend its lifespan and ensure efficient operation. Empire Cooler Service enables seamless functioning with regular inspections, thorough cleanings, and comprehensive evaluations, minimizing downtime risks and maximizing your business productivity for enduring success.

Commercial Ice & Refrigeration Solutions for Every Industry

What to expect from Empire Cooler Service

Reliable Equipment

We carefully select our machines from top tier manufacturers like Hoshizaki, Manitowoc, and Scotsman. We’re picky because we want to bring you the best. These machines meet our tough criteria and are up to snuff with the industry’s highest standards. It’s like having a trusted friend in the ice business, always ensuring you’re getting top quality.

Tailored Solutions For Your Needs

Think of us as more than just a provider; we’re partners. Our seasoned team digs deep to grasp what you’re all about. We’re not in the business of just selling machines; instead, we aim to understand your needs and steer you towards the perfect solution. Be it a cube ice maker that keeps the drinks flowing at a busy restaurant, a flake ice machine for your healthcare facility, or a nugget-style one to keep those retail beverages chilled – we’ve got your back.

Beyond-the-Purchase Service and Support

We’re here for you every step of the way—ready and able to offer expert advice as you navigate all those tricky decisions that come with managing commercial refrigeration. And we don’t just deliver the goods (literally), we follow through with super-efficient installation, thorough maintenance plans, and best of all—round-the-clock support for those unexpected emergencies.

Reliable Brands We Lease & Service

Hoshizaki ice makers and refrigeration
True Refrigeration
Beverage Air Refrigeration
Manitowoc ice machines
Ice-o-matic ice makers
Continental Refrgeration
Follett Ice Makers
Scotsman Ice Systems
ITV Ice Makers