Water contains minerals that can affect the taste,
appearance, and quality of your commercial ice.

When leasing your commercial ice equipment, our ice experts will
make recommendations for your water quality.

Scale inside pipes

Prevent water build-ups

Empire Cooler believes prevention is better than treatment.
One of the ways you can prevent complex water build-ups and lime scale is by adding a water filter to every line. Most filters use reverse osmosis to trap minerals and other contaminants from entering your ice machine. Minerals like calcium and magnesium create larger issues than just scale. If build-ups are held for long periods, your machine could break down, stop producing ice, and/or leak.

Another way to prevent scale is to get a water softening treatment system. Water softeners are great for areas that use “well water”. Well water is “the water trapped below the ground in the pores and spaces above the dense rock barrier is called groundwater, and this is the water we get when we drill wells. Another common term for groundwater is “aquifer” or “groundwater aquifer.” says the CDC.

Glass of water

Clean hard water build-ups and scale

So you found out you have hard water build-up and scale?
Not everyone is equipped to remove scale and build-ups. Using a manufacturer-recommended de-scaler is the best way to remove this problem. Some machines are suitable for acid-based de-scalers but others pipes could erode, crack, and even leak after use. Having a commercial ice machine repair company properly de-scale your equipment is best.

Empire Cooler offers businesses that own their equipment an affordable Preventative Maintenance Program. For a low monthly cost, you can get your equipment properly cleaned, and checked for any damages, scale, build-ups, and more. If our expert technicians find a problem they will notify management and give the best advice on the next steps. Getting your ice machines installed by a professional is important so they can determine if your water quality is safe or will need filters.

The power of combining leasing and maintenance.

Choosing an all-in-one ice equipment leasing and maintenance plan with Empire Cooler has definite advantages. You’ll save time and money and add value to your business by ensuring that you always have the ice you need to operate—no matter what it takes.

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