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Reliable Brands We Lease & Service

Hoshizaki ice makers and refrigeration
True Refrigeration
Beverage Air Refrigeration
Manitowoc ice machines
Ice-o-matic ice makers
Continental Refrgeration
Follett Ice Makers
Scotsman Ice Systems
ITV Ice Makers

Types of ice

Some brands only have a few ice types. That’s why at Empire Cooler we offer a large selection of commercial ice machines for every business’s unique need. For our full list of ice types visit resources & equipment.

Our selection of commercial ice equipment.

Air-Cooled Ice Machines

Air-cooled ice machines are more popular because in some cities water-cooled it is not recommended. Air-cooled ice machines are better for the environment, and your wallet. Air travels through the machine and removes the internal heat which is let out through the sides and rear.

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Water-Cooled Ice Machines

While the air-cooled ice machines release the hot air, water-cooled ice machines use the same method except with water. The hot water drains out through the unit to maintain the correct temperature. No matter the temperature outside of the machine, water can always cool down which is great for areas with warm weather year-round.

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Remote Cooled Ice Machines

Remote-cooled ice machines are more likely to be used in businesses that have roof access. Businesses like Mcdonald’s lease our ice machines that are placed on top of the roof for their drive-through stations. Remote-cooled ice machines are less noisy and puts the access heat outside. This is perfect for smaller kitchens in cooler climates. Air-cooled ice machines are popular in the fast food industry.

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Under-Counter Ice Makers

If you are in the medical field or want your employees to enjoy crushed ice in their beverages without dipping their hands into a large bin then this is the perfect machine for you. An under-counter ice maker is perfect for small spaces. These types of ice makers create clear and crunchy ice quickly and efficiently.

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Ice & Beverage Dispensers

The most sanitary of ice machines come at the push of a button or at a wave of a hand. Offices and fast food restaurants utilize these types of machines the most. Our ice machines are tailored for drinking water, easily dispensed ice, and soda options.

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Bins & Water Filters

Bins are perfect for hospitals and large ice-consumption businesses. While other ice machines can sit on top of your counter, others need bins to distribute ice. Whether you need a large or small bin, we have a full selection of bins to fit any space. Some machines and dispensers can have a hands-free option.

Choosing the best commercial refrigeration for your business

Empire Cooler eliminates the stress of purchasing your commercial refrigeration. We handle the installation, cleanings, maintenance, and emergency services with every lease.

Our selection of commercial refrigeration.

Up-Right Refrigeration

Up-right and reach-in refrigeration are great for your restaurant, bar, bakery, catering business, hotel, and any business that is in the food and beverage industry. We have a large selection of reach-in freezers and refrigerators, combinations, and solid, and glass door options.

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Under-Counter Refrigeration

Unleash space-effectiveness and functionality with under-counter refrigeration, a hallmark of efficient commercial spaces. Ensuring maximum convenience and proficiency, these units are ideal for bars, restaurants, and catering facilities. With optimized cooling, vast selection, and design versatility, our under-counter options align performance with your precise business needs.

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Walk-In Coolers & Freezers

The largest refrigeration in our collection is for businesses that need to keep bulk items cold and frozen. Not all spaces are the same size so we lease all shapes and sizes of walk-in coolers & freezers. Our refrigerators are ideal commercial walk-ins for kitchens and restaurants. Our walk-in coolers, distinguished by adaptive temperature control, modular design, and integrated monitoring, represent the pinnacle of innovation and reliability.

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Refrigerated Prep-Tables

Refrigerated prep tables are flat with surfaces for preparing food like pizzas, sandwiches, sushi, and other items that need to be held at a special temperature. There should be additional storage underneath the unit for cold storage.

View Refrigerated Prep-Tables

Refrigerated Display Cases

From grocery stores to gas stations, our refrigerated display cases range in size. Your go-to food and drinks fit perfectly inside this machine while keeping it fresh and ready to take. We have a large selection of dry and refrigerated bakery cases, sushi displays, glass top displays, and deli cases.

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Our merchandisers are sized for convenience stores, drug stores, and supermarkets. Our sales support team can get you on track for sale and long-term rental.