Commercial Remote-Cooled Ice Machines in Chicago

Each remote-cooled ice machine leases are full service.

Leases include cleanings, maintenance,
service, delivery, and installation.

Commercial ice machines are essential appliances for businesses in the food and hospitality industry. They produce ice for drinks, food displays, and other uses. However, traditional air-cooled ice machines can generate a lot of heat, which can be problematic in certain environments. That’s where remote-cooled ice machines come in.

Hoshizaki, KM-2600SRJ3, Crescent Cuber Ice maker

The KM-2600SRJ3 is capable of producing approximately 2617 lbs of Crescent Cube style ice cubes per day, and the built-in dispensing system holds up to lbs of insulated storage to ensure you always have enough ice on hand! This commercial Remote-cooled icemaker is the only one-piece dispenser design on the market! This makes it easy to install and service, and a quiet operating system makes it ideal for use in hotels and similar applications. 

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Manitowoc IYT1900N-261E, Indigo NXT, Cubed

This Manitowoc IYT 1900N-261E Indigo Next ice machine makes a max of 1900lbs of ice in a daily cycle. With new levels of performance this machine uses 14% less energy and 10% water reduction. Easy to clean. Easy to program. The stainless steel exterior makes it finger print resistant.

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Scotsman, NH1322R-32, Prodigy Plus Series, Hard Nugget Ice 

The Scotsman NH1322R-32 produces up to 1300lbs of ice per day. This unit produces fresh, chewable nugget ice cubes. These ice cubes are perfect for any cocktail drink or cold soda beverages. It is designed to use 40% less water. With its energy saving design you can expect low noise output, lower energy bills, and heat discharge.

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Manitowoc IBT1020C Indigo NXT QuietQube, Half Size Cube Ice 

This remote cooled ice machine makes less ambient noise. Designed to be placed on a drink dispenser. This ice machine makes up to 1020lbs of fresh ice per day. Its half sized ice cube is simple and perfect for restaurants and fast food chains that want a large output with smaller sized cubes.

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Hoshizaki F-1501MRJ-C, Cubelet Icemaker

The F-1501MRJ-C is capable of producing approximately 1335 lbs of cubelet (nugget-style) ice per day. Cubelet ice is the most popular ice for drinks – as it cools the beverage quickly and absorbs the flavor making an easy-to-chew treat. This Remote-cooled with URC-14F icemaker features the Advanced CleanCycle24™ design plus a greaseless bearing auger construction making it simple to maintain. 

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Hoshizaki KM-1601SRJ, Crescent Cuber Icemaker

The KM-1601SRJ is capable of producing approximately 1640 lbs of crescent cubed ice, Stack 2 units for 2x the ice production in the same floor space! Our efficient double-sided KMEdge stainless steel evaporators create our unique crescent shaped ice cubes. It is the purest and hardest ice on the market and is a perfect fit for a wide range of applications. This Remote-cooled with URC-22F icemaker features a CycleSaver™ design and includes the EverCheck™ alert system making the unit energy efficient and simple to maintain.

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Why Remote-Cooled Ice Machines?

Remote cooled ice machines are similar to traditional air-cooled ice machines,
but they use a remote condenser unit to cool the refrigerant instead of an air-cooled
condenser. The remote condenser unit is typically located outside the building or in
a separate mechanical room, which allows for better heat dissipation and reduces
the amount of heat generated in the room where the ice machine is located.

Benefits of leasing a Remote-Cooled Ice Machine

Energy Efficiency: Remote cooled ice machines are more
energy-efficient than traditional air-cooled ice machines.
This is because they use less energy to cool the refrigerant,
which can result in lower energy bills.

Less Heat in the Room: Remote cooled ice machines
generate less heat in the room where they are located.
This can be beneficial in environments where temperature
control is important, such as commercial kitchens.

Quieter Operation: Remote cooled ice machines are quieter
than traditional air-cooled ice machines. This is because the
remote condenser unit is located outside the building or in
a separate mechanical room, which reduces the amount of
noise generated by the ice machine.

Longer Lifespan: Remote cooled ice machines typically have
a longer lifespan than traditional air-cooled ice machines.
This is because they generate less heat and are less prone to
overheating, which can cause damage to the machine over time.