High-Quality Refrigerated Prep-Tables

Lease, purchase, or finance a Refrigerated Prep-Tables

Leases include cleanings, maintenance,
service, delivery, and installation.

With Empire Cooler Service, leasing a commercial refrigerated prep-tables is a remarkably viable option for businesses seeking quality and dependability. Our leasing plans offer a perfect balance between flexibility and reliability, fostering impeccable refrigeration and unwavering peace of mind.

True, TSSU48-12-HC, Commercial Cold Food Prep-Table

The TSSU48-12-HC Prep Table, an optimal choice for fine-tuned efficiency in food preparation. Offering robust, state-of-the-art refrigeration technology, this table ensures consistent freshness for peak culinary performance. The compact, sleek design pairs perfectly with its high-capacity storage, making it a must-have for versatile, high-volume operations.

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DP72HC Two Door Pizza Prep Table

Experience top-tier efficiency with the DP72HC Two Door Pizza Prep Table, your ideal partner in the pizza industry. This high-performance unit boasts superior refrigeration technology, ensuring consistent ingredient freshness. Optimally designed for a seamless workflow, it offers capacious storage and accessibility, redefining prep-table standards in commercial kitchens.

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True TPP-67 Pizza Prep Table

Elevate your pizzeria with the True TPP-67 Pizza Prep Table, an epitome of refrigeration genius. Designed with spacious storage, superior temperature control, and a strategically constructed preparation surface, it guarantees enhanced efficiency and sustained freshness. Trusted for its resilient construction, the True TPP-67 promises reliable performance in the most demanding commercial kitchens.

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True TSSU-60-16-HC Food Prep Table

Discover the True TSSU-60-16-HC, a paragon of refrigeration excellence for demanding commercial environments. Crafted for precision and performance, it features eco-friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant, robust insulation, and high-capacity storage, tailored for reliability. Invest in the True TSSU-60-16-HC for assurance in temperature consistency and operational efficiency.

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True TSSU-72-18 Food Prep Table

The True TSSU-72-18 Food Prep Table, a showpiece in commercial refrigeration sophistication. Engineered for peak efficiency, it brings together ample storage, precise temperature regulation, and durable build quality. The TSSU-72-18 guarantees top-tier performance, safeguarding freshness while significantly optimizing your food preparation procedures. This is unprecedented reliability meeting industry excellence.

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Hoshizaki PR67A, Two Door Refrigerated Pizza Prep Table

The Hoshizaki PR67A, Two Door Refrigerated Pizza Prep Table, revolutionizes your pizza-making process. Offering optimal refrigeration technology, extensive storage, and ergonomic design, it ensures maximized operational efficiency. With Hoshizaki’s hallmark of durability and precision cooling, the PR67A sets the gold standard in commercial food preparation solutions.

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Why Refrigerated Prep-Table?

Choosing to lease or purchase a refrigerated prep-table can significantly enhance your food service operation.
These units streamline the preparation process by providing an organized, temperature-controlled environment for ingredients.
Leasing offers an affordable means to integrate advanced technology seamlessly, offering flexibility and maintenance
ease. A purchase, on the other hand, would be a wise long-term investment, boosting your business’ operational
efficiency and, in turn, its profitability. Realize the full potential of your culinary operations with this smart integration,
ensuring quality, freshness, and maximal productivity with the assistance of a refrigerated prep-table.