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Leases include cleanings, maintenance,
service, delivery, and installation.

Opt for Empire Cooler and unlock the key to streamlined refrigeration, ensuring freshness and operational efficiency for your business. Let’s navigate the world of commercial refrigeration together and give your business the competitive edge it deserves.

True Refrigeration TWT-27F-HC Worktop Freezer

True Refrigeration’s TWT-27F-HC is a powerful workhorse. This undercounter freezer boasts a temperature range ideal for food safety regulations and operates at -10°F. With its compact design, it seamlessly integrates into limited spaces. Durability meets performance in its stainless steel construction. A true asset to keep your business cool and efficient.

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True TUC-60-HC Undercounter Refrigerator

The True TUC-60-HC is a standout undercounter refrigerator, designed to fit and enhance your workflow efficiency. Crafted to perfection with a focus on maintaining optimal temperature, it ensures your inventory stays fresh around the clock. This sturdy and sleek unit is a reliable, high-performance partner for your culinary ventures.

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Hoshizaki UR48A Undercounter Refrigerator

The Hoshizaki UR48A holds all the perks of a standard refrigerator in a streamlined undercounter design. Tailored for businesses conscious of space, this model promises consistent temperatures and durability. Offering quick access to your supplies and efficient cooling, the UR48A is a sound investment for businesses emphasizing efficiency and quality.

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True TRCB-48-HC, Drawer Refrigerated Chef Base Refrigerator

The True TRCB-48-HC chef base refrigerator combines space-saving design with high functionality, ideal for busy commercial kitchens. Its two temperature-controlled drawers maintain food freshness while serving as a sturdy base for countertop appliances. A testament to efficiency, it’s the choice for professionals seeking an agile, productive workspace.

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Continental Refrigerator SW32NU Under Counter Refrigerator

The Continental Refrigerator SW32NU is a commercial cooling stalwart, marrying performance with practicality. Designed for optimal storage and efficient temperature regulation, it ensures your produce stays impeccably fresh. This unit’s durable construction speaks to its long service life, making it a business-smart solution for your refrigeration needs.

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True TUC-48F-HC Undercounter Freezer

The True TUC-48F-HC undercounter freezer offers industry-leading performance in a compact footprint. Engineered for high-volume environments requiring precision cooling, its robust build and advanced refrigeration technology safeguard your inventory with consistent, cold temperatures – a reliable backbone for any demanding commercial setting that prioritizes quality and efficiency.

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Why Commercial Under-Counter Refrigeration?

Whether you opt to lease, finance, or purchase an undercounter refrigerator, you’re positioning your business
for long-term success. Undercounter units epitomize space-efficiency, fitting seamlessly into your commercial kitchen
layout while delivering superlative cooling performance. By leasing or financing, you ease upfront expenditure, smoothen
cash-flow, and stay aligned with the latest in cooling technology, enhancing operational efficiencies. Whichever route you choose,
you’re not just acquiring a tool, but a strategic partner focused on preserving the excellence of your culinary offerings,
keeping them fresh, safe, and ready to serve.