Catering Ice Machine in Chicago

Streamline Your Catering Operations with a
Leased Commercial Ice Machine

Empire Cooler is a leader in commercial ice-making and refrigeration leasing and maintenance programs.
We’re proud to be a trusted name in the industry. In fact, we’ve been serving a variety of industries with our
solutions since 1932. We’re known for providing quality catering ice machines in Chicago, specifically to
caterers and those who have catering as part of their business.

Why Leasing a Commercial Ice Machine Makes Sense for Caterers

For catering professionals, leasing a commercial ice machine represents a wise investment in both short-term flexibility and long-term success of their business. By leasing, caterers can benefit from advanced, industry-standard equipment without the upfront capital expenditures of purchasing. This allows for better cash flow management, enabling caterers to allocate their resources to other critical operations.

Purchase, Lease, or Finance – The Choice is Yours

Many caterers depend on commercial ice machines to run their businesses. This equipment helps keep your operations running without a hitch. For example, ice machines keep food and drinks at cold temperatures, so they can stay fresh. This means you can serve customers quality meals that are delicious and safe to consume.

Having an adequate amount of ice means you can provide ice presentations in buffets, which are visually appealing during events. Catering ice machines in Chicago are must-haves during any type of catering event, especially for large-scale ones. A reputable ice machine leasing company can provide quality equipment.

We offer flexible acquiring options, including purchasing, leasing, or financing, that work with your budget and business model. Our experienced consultants are available to discuss your specific needs and assist you in making the best decision for your business.

The Top Choice for Catering Companies: Commercial Ice Machine Leasing

Empire Cooler leases ice machines and other essential commercial refrigeration equipment to caterers. Our leasing process begins when you speak with our equipment advisors. They can walk you through our various models and help you select the right size machine for your catering business. Our leasing services are flexible: If your business needs a change, our team will work with you to provide the right equipment.

Additionally, Empire Cooler can service your machine so that it stays operational. Our services include installation, repairs, cleaning and preventative maintenance. Leasing a catering ice machine in Chicago from us means your business can run smoothly. It’s also cost effective, and no upfront investment is needed.

Empire Cooler offers the following ice varieties for your catering business:

  • Flakes
  • Squares
  • Spheres
  • Slow melting
  • Half dice
  • Crescent
  • Nuggets

Choosing the Right Ice Machine for Your Catering Company

Ice Requirements

Consider the quantity and type of ice you’ll need for your events. This will greatly influence the model and capacity of the ice machine you need.

Space Availability

Space is a premium in any catering setup. We offer a wide range of models, including under-counter and countertop ice machines, to perfectly suit your spatial needs.

Health and Safety Compliance

Our machines are designed with a focus on hygiene, helping your business stay compliant with all health and safety regulations.

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Why Choose Empire Cooler?

We’ve been leasing catering ice machines in Chicago and other refrigeration equipment to customers for more than 90 years. We understand that running a successful catering business requires professional and commercial-grade equipment. That’s why we offer a variety of ice machine solutions to our customers. Leasing our durable ice machines means you can maintain your daily ice needs. What’s more, our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and helping you select the right equipment.

To learn more about our catering ice machines in Chicago, reach out to us today.