Hospital Ice Maker In Chicago

Empire Cooler is your go-to source for leasing and servicing hospital ice makers in Chicago.
Our expertise with providing ice-making equipment across multiple industries and long history in the marketplace
means no one else knows as much about these machines as we do. When you’re in need of an ice machine
for hospital use, we are the name to know.

Hospitals are unique because their ice needs span so many applications. In addition to keeping beverages
cold for staff, patients and visitors, ice serves therapeutic purposes. These include being used to reduce swelling for injured
patients, providing relief during physical therapy and hydrating those who may have difficulty drinking fluids.
This makes hospital ice machines essential assets for healthcare facilities.

    We are your complete resource for ice makers, providing you with:

    • Leasing — When you need an ice maker that makes hospital ice in Chicago, we offer cost-effective and flexible leases to fit your needs. As your requirements change, rest assured that we will do everything we can do ensure you have the equipment you need.
    • Installation — Our expert technicians will do whatever it takes to ensure your hospital ice maker machine is installed properly so you won’t have to worry about it.

    • Repairs — Our experience with these machines and quick response in Chicago means malfunctioning ice makers will be repaired as soon as possible.
    • Preventative Maintenance — Keeping your hospital’s crushed ice machine in good working order is no problem for our trained and experienced team. Our preventative maintenance services include inspections and cleaning for your equipment.

    Ice for a Diverse Set of Needs

    Because hospitals use ice for a variety of purposes, it makes sense that they would need multiple types of machines to dispense
    different kinds of ice. For example, flake and nugget ice are softer and easier to chew than standard ice cubes, making them preferable for patients who have a
    difficult time swallowing. Nugget ice in particular is often used for treating injuries because its rounded shape prevents tearing the plastic
    bags in which it is contained.

    Working with us to lease hospital ice makers in Chicago means our experts will help you determine the type and size of equipment that works best for your facility.
    We will work closely with your staff to determine what kind of machines you need and how many.

    Why Choose Empire Cooler?

    As one of the nation’s largest and oldest commercial ice machine leasing companies, customers throughout the Chicagoland area have come to trust us. Our track record of problem-solving and passion for customer service speak for themselves. If you want to learn more, reach out and talk to us today.