Industrial Ice-Making Machine In Chicago

Empire Cooler understands the essential roles of ice and refrigeration for Chicago businesses.
From corner stores, bars and restaurants to schools and hospitals, businesses throughout the city need affordable and reliable ice makers.

Empire Cooler provides a full range of ice-making solutions for Chicago’s businesses, large and small.
We lease all sizes of ice-making machines from the industry’s top brands. Our expert technicians also provide timely, professional maintenance and
repairs to help your businesses run smoothly day and night.

Benefits of using an ice machine leasing company.

A reputable ice machine leasing company can help your business grow and succeed. Lease an industrial ice making machine in Chicago from Empire Cooler, and you’ll experience
the benefits of our expertise and personal touch. We provide flexible, reliable and cost-effective ice-making solutions.

Choose us as your ice machine leasing company, and your business will never go without ice.
Our customer support team and technicians find quick and effective solutions for any of your business’s ice-making issues.

Ice is an underrated yet integral part of many businesses, and our Empire Cooler experts fully understand.
We lease ice machines for every application, whether you’re keeping food cold for freshness, mixing craft cocktails or providing ice for hotel guests.

Industrial ice machine solutions.

At Empire Cooler, our mission is simple. We provide the highest-quality, comprehensive services for your industrial ice making machine in Chicago. Our leasing system is flexible and cost-effective with no upfront investment required. We’ll locate the ideal ice-making solution for your business and offer live support throughout your lease.

Empire Cooler’s expert technicians repair and maintain any brand of industrial ice making machine in Chicago. No repair job is too large or beyond our scope of expertise. Our technicians also perform expert installations, preventive maintenance and cleaning services. We offer the industry’s best customer service, whether you lease your ice maker from us or use your own.

Founded in 1932, Empire Cooler is the trusted choice for industrial ice making machines in Chicago. Throughout our nine decades in the business, we’ve developed an impeccable reputation for our quality products, expertise and customer service. Contact us to learn more about our industrial ice maker solutions today.   

Why Choose Empire Cooler?

We’ve been leasing catering ice machines in Chicago and other refrigeration equipment to customers for more than 90 years. We understand that running a successful catering business requires professional and commercial-grade equipment. That’s why we offer a variety of ice machine solutions to our customers. Leasing our durable ice machines means you can maintain your daily ice needs. What’s more, our team is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and helping you select the right equipment.

To learn more about our catering ice machines in Chicago, reach out to us today.